Revolutionise your Unboxing

With SMARTSlip Lite

  •   Reaches 100% of customers
  •   Unrivalled engagement rates
  •   Enhanced Customer experience
  •   Significant & measurable ROI
The SMARTSlip replaces the obsolete delivery note and delivers personalised marketing content to every customer, in full colour, at the point of delivery.

Personalised Content

Connect with your customers post-purchase by engaging with them at the point of unboxing, when they are fully focused on your brand.


Each Customer receives a unique SMARTSlip using data from their purchase journey, checkout and applied logic, split into 3 catagories.

One to One
  • Receipt & Customer Service
  • SmartReturns Personal URL
  • Product Recommendations
  • Loyalty Membership Scheme
  • Unique Promotion Codes
  • SMARTGift Bespoke Messaging
  • New Customers Welcome Program
  • Repeat Customers Recognise Loyalty
  • Geo-Targeted Content
  • Customer Get Customer
  • High / Low Value
  • New Product Launch
  • Returns Process Info
  • Instagram & Facebook Content
  • Review Platform Links
  • Web Content - Dynamic
PersonlisedContent Image
Transactional Information
Personalised Marketing Content
Implementation Process

The process of automatic order and customer data to

Via API:


Via Cartridge


Online Portal for dynamic SMARTSlip Composition.

Design: Upload creatives to the Content Portal

Proofing: Download a proof before you publish your artwork.

Segments: See how all that data dynamically evolves into a Marketer’s dream SMARTSlip.


Actioning print jobs at the fulfilment operation

Client supplies: Virtual machine or physical PC at Fulfillment operation, printer and consumables.

Install: installs software

Are Print trigger method: WMS / Barcode Scan / Browser

Test End to End


Out of the box fully personalised marketing content and transactional information, delivered in parcel with easy setup thanks to drag and drop integrations and no need for addition hardware.

Out of the box

Unlimited users for the SMARTSlip lite app and an unlimited number of designs for your SMARTSlips

Easy to set up

Thanks to drag and drop integrations with an expansive range of ecommerce martech providers

Automated and Personalised are an ISO27001 registered company, so your data is safe.

Templates available - A4, A4 Folded & A5 Paper available for order


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Setup Fee
One-off payment
Licence Fee
/ month
A monthly fee for the Platform & support
Document Fee
/ document
A fixed standard rate for Composition of a SMARTSlip to PDF

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