A branded SMARTReturns portal, built mobile first...

Seamlessly integrated into your SMARTSlip®

Go ahead, scan the code

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85% of shoppers with a quick and simple returns experience, will shop again.

How It Works

QR Code

Native on every smartphone - Scan with Camera direct to the branded Returns Portal. QR codes are dynamically generated.


Your items

Land directly on the order - no login credentials required. Select items for return and bespoke (mandatory) return-reasons. Tip: Get granular with your return-reason options for better data. Optional exchanges for size / colour variants.



Paperless returns and tracking options complete the mobile experience. Once confirmed, the customer receives an email giving them piece of mind that the Return has been made.

The Benefits

Smarter Returns Data

With SMARTReturns you get better data on...


Understand why merchandise is being returned

Identify and fix product and copy/image problems quickly

Reporting on faulty stock


Know what’s coming back tomorrow, how many items and parcels and by which couriers

Plan resource accordingly

Damaged parcel photos, assisting claims


Identify "serial returners"

Enable instant refund/exchange

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