Veritree Partnership

1 Minute Read 12 March 2024
Through Veritree, we are working towards a sustainable future by restoring critical landscapes which help the planet thrive. Veritree and their partners work around the world to ensure that each tree is verified, and that every dollar has a tangible impact.


We are excited to announce our partnership with Veritree. 

As part of our green initiatives to help the planet, we will be working with them to implement tree-planting climate solutions to restore ecosystems and sequester carbon. We are pushing Earth dangerously close to tipping points. Today, millions of people are already exposed to the effects of biodiversity loss and climate change. We need to act urgently today to avoid the most dangerous impacts of #climatechange. This is why we are working with Veritree to restore the environment in countries worldwide. 

We have our plant to play in the net zero transition while supporting local communities, addressing economic inequality and regenerating nature. Supported by over 5,000 businesses worldwide, Veritree offers a wide range of nature, carbon and biodiversity projects to help restore our planet. Our environmental initiatives to date, have already planted 131,000 trees and we look forward to our new partnership with Veritree to further support tree-planting climate solutions. 


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