Introducing: Content Portal

2 Minute Read 17 June 2019
Take full control of your SMARTSlip® using the new intuitive and user-friendly Content Portal. Define and target specific customer segments and push content live in real-time.

A big part of the mission, is to enable retailers to retain their customers through highly effective personalised communications. To achieve this, we are always developing and progressing the tools which we offer to our clients, with both effectiveness and ease of use being prioritised.


We are proud to introduce a brand new feature to the suite of products: Content Portal

Watch the video below for a tour of the features and functionalities available.


Our SMARTSlip® customers now have full control over their campaigns, through this intuitive and user-friendly web application. Content Portal allows the defining and targeting of specific customer segments, as well as the ability to push content live in real-time. 


Leo Harker 

"We are always looking to improve the usability of our products, and this is a project which has had User Experience at the core. By allowing complete control over their SMARTSlip® campaigns, our clients will be able to really maximise their use of our technology."

-Leo Harker. Head of Special Projects at 


Andrew Curran

 "I believe Content Portal is a real milestone in the history of Giving the power to our clients will no doubt see increases in their ROI and Customer Loyalty. What we have done is made it significantly easier for our clients to target specific brand messaging to specific customer cohorts- this being fundamentally what makes SMARTSlip® such a powerful customer retention tool."

-Andrew Curran. Founder & CEO

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