Featured Partnership - Ometria

Monday, April 25, 2022

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Retain.me has built a number of Partnerships with companies which we consider to be the very best in their respective fields, and will ultimately offer maximum value to our clients when used in combination with the Retain.me services.

Ometria leads the way in customer marketing for retail by giving brands AI-powered customer insight and cross-channel marketing. By working together to create Marketing experiences which customers love, our partnership with Ometria is one born out of the mutual appreciation for the true value of customer retention.

Extend the Ometria driven digital customer journey using offline Print channels with Retain.me. Our SMARTSlip and ZAP~POST solutions are integrated with Ometria so now you can create relevant experiences throughout the customer journey - In-Parcel with SMARTSlip and via triggered automated Direct Mail with ZAP~POST.


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The integration:

The Retain.me x Ometria integration allows Retain.me to pull 1:1 product recommendations seamlessly from Ometria. All that’s needed from you is a set of API Keys - there’s no development work required. When activated, every order received will generate a query to the Ometria Product Recommendation endpoint which will then return a list of recommended products for the customer who placed the order. Using Ometria’s powerful AI recommendations, different products can appear on the SMARTSlip® based on the customers’ purchase history and frequency of purchase. Recommendations can be shown in a number of formats with images and text in various layouts. SMARTSlip® is guaranteed to be seen by each and every customer, giving them a tailored cross-channel experience.

By using the segments you have set-up in Ometria, you can drive personalisation, customisation and relevance. Talk to each customer as an individual and align your printed communications with your digital channels.

Some of the current Ometria clients already using SMARTSlip:

Amara, Cafepod, Annoushka, Piglet in bed, Oliver Sweeney, Sunspel