Ecommerce trends to look out for in Q4 2021

4 Minute Read 07 September 2021
Cookies, Communications and Covid... Q4 2021 is definitely going to present some novel challenges to brands and retailers! We've put together a few tips on how to deal with the peak season and keep your loyal customers happy.

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There’s never been a better time to give your customer retention strategies the attention they deserve. With the transition from physical to digital retail being turbo boosted by the pandemic, the selection and choice available to customers has never been greater. This means that if you do not give them a reason to stay, they will simply shop elsewhere - not something any brand wishes to hear!

So then, what to do about it?

Just saying ‘improve your customer retention strategies’ is not much use unless you have ideas for how to do it! We’ve been helping brands with their customer retention a fair bit over the past 5 years and have a few tips which we wanted to share- specific to the trends we are expecting to see in Q4 2021.


apple targeting cookies


That’s just how the cookie crumbles
With Apple deciding that third party tracking of their users is a no-no, (and their competitors expected to follow suit shortly) marketers need to change with the times.

Rather than relying on targeted advertising, look to make best use of your owned channels such as loyalty programmes and referral schemes. Personalise the messaging and content wherever possible, such as through tailored direct mail campaigns or 1:1 unboxing experience content. Whatever you do, ensure you use a range of channels to communicate your brand. Just relying on digital wont cut it - a true omni-channel approach is a must.


Trapped customers

The ‘new’ normal
After months of being trapped inside, many consumers have re-evaluated how and what they want to buy. With houses in desirable parts of the country selling like hotcakes, and adventure gear flying off the shelves, it has become clear that consumers are prioritising social and experiential purchases more than ever.

In order to take advantage of this change in psychology, the delivery of your brand’s messaging matters. Give your customer’s the experiences they demand and capitalise on the moments which will cement your brand in your customer’s minds, ensuring also that your messaging is the same across all of your communications channels.

Experiential marketing channels (such as direct mail) not only cut through the digital noise, but also give you an opportunity to connect with your customers through a physical medium - not just when they shop. Go one step further and personalise the messaging to each and every customer, and you’ll make sure that your brand is front of mind for the holiday season.


communication with your customers

A good relationship starts with communication
Rising costs, backlogs, border issues, and resource shortages all mean one thing - there will be inventory challenges for brands and retailers this Q4.

But do not fear! Like most problems in life, this can be mitigated by communicating with your customers as early and clearly as possible.

Get the word out there that things will be different this year, and that they too may need to change how they do things. Encourage your customers to shop earlier than normal, don't want to wait till Black Friday, Cyber Monday or a few weeks before Christmas - things are different this year so use your communication channels to educate your customers on exactly what is happening. Once is not enough...keep reiterating the message across all channels, be it digital, print marketing and social, to minimise disappointment and keep your loyal customers happy.


To summarise:

Although ecommerce is undoubtedly growing at a rapid rate, there are still a large number of potential pitfalls for brands and retailers during Q4 2021. With awareness and planning these challenges are easily navigated, making it still possible to meet and exceed your customers expectations. If you're looking to extend your brand messaging into the unboxing experience, or reactivate lapsed customers through programmatic personalised direct mail, then get in touch for a chat today.

4 Minute Read 07 September 2021

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