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Direct Commerce Association Innovation Awards

Retain.me bagged the inaugural award for Innovation at the DCA. Nominated by our partners, Xerox, we are overly excited to win and more importantly, delighted that the world of ecommerce is switching on to SMARTSLIPS®.

Our thanks to the DCA, to Johnathan Edwards at Xerox for the nomination, and to the chef for a beyond-expectation dinner at the VSC.

November 2017


Giving eCommerce customers a SMART new marketing channel to drive Customer Retention

SEKO Logistics has partnered with Retain.Me to provide their eCommerce clients the SMARTSLIP® solution. SEKO have always been at the forefront when it comes to personalising the end user experience - they were also the first in the UK to recognise how the May ‘18 GDPR regulations make the in-parcel marketing experience even more of an essential eCommerce tool. Well done SEKO !

Retain.Me look forward to working with SEKO and their ever growing client-base.

July 2017